Metro West Ambulance employs an outstanding team of professionals to lead our organization. Our experienced leaders currently are paramedics or EMTs themselves and have a passion for, and intensive knowledge, of EMS.

Shawn Baird

Chief Executive Officer

Shawn Baird owned Woodburn Ambulance for 25 years before joining MWA 3 years ago. He is the current national President of the American Ambulance Association. He has served on the National EMS Advisory Council, Oregon Public Health Advisory Board, and numerous other leadership roles.

He was recognized by the State of Oregon Health Authority EMS Section when he was honored with the Directors Medal in 2019. He earned a Master of Arts in Leading Innovation and Change from York St. John University (UK) in 2014 and maintains an active Oregon Paramedic license.


For more information on the MWA leadership transition, please read press release on homepage 

Jake Grant

Vice President Of Operations

JD Fuiten


JD is as hands on as they get in this industry. Having grown up in emergency services (literally, he ran calls with his father when he was 15 years old and this was allowed,) JD is now a leader within this industry nationally as a member of the American Ambulance Association Board of Directors for the past 12 years and also on the State EMS Committee for the past 13 years.

Gene Frye

Director of Technical Services

Shawn Wood

Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement Manager

Brandon Klocko

Operations Manager

Jan Lee

EMT-P, Public Information Officer

Daniel Silic

Fleet Manager