Specialty Care Transport (SCT)

Our Specialty Care Transport (SCT) team provides medical care and transportation to a specialty hospital for critically ill or injured patients. SCT teams include a Metro West Ambulance paramedic and Registred Nurses.

We provide emergency transportation to the specified destination, usually from a rural hospital to an advanced level care facility, or from one of two airports within the Portland Metro area to a specific destination.

Referring facilities do not need to send staff with the patient as they are provided.

Bariatric Ambulance Transportation

Metro West Ambulance offers bariatric ambulance transportation 24/7 for short-range or long-distance transport. Our custom modified ambulances are designed to provide, safe and comfortable transport. And our EMTs and Paramedics are specially trained as patient-sensitive caregiving. Metro West Ambulance is at the forefront of bariatric care and transportation.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

For individuals unable to walk or move in a wheelchair, Metro West Ambulance provides quality basic life support ambulance service. Staffed with an advanced life support team, patients discharged from a hospital, transferring from a care facility, or returning to a private residence are assured of safe, comfortable care.

Wheelchair Van Transportation

Our wheelchair vans are staffed by an EMT trained to deliver the highest level of care and customer service. Each has passed a rigorous screening process.

Our clean and spacious vehicles provide independence to the people we serve. Wheelchair Van Transportation provides bed-to-bed service day or night. All vehicles are equipped with wheelchairs and oxygen supplies.

Specialty Services Wheelchair Transport

This specialized service provides transportation for individuals who require a bariatric wheelchair or for those with multiple stairs or a challenging entry to their residence. The vehicle is staffed with two EMTs to provide the safest level of care and movement.

Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU)

Our Team Provides the safest way to transport Ctitically-ill patients from your Emergency Departments and Intensive Care Units.

We have the training, skills and knowledge to continue the same level of In-hospital care provided at bedside.

Our Metro West Ambulance CCT Team consist of an experienced Critical-Care RN, a 9-1-1 Paramedic and Emergency Medical Technician(EMT). Many of our critical-care nurses regularly care for this patient population at bedside in our region’s ICU’s and ED’s.

We’ve Combined critical-care nuring with emergency care, giving you the highest level of ground critical-care transport in our region!

Satellite Operations

Since 1996, Metro West Ambulance has served the emergency ambulance needs of Vernonia in Columbia County. Under contract to Columbia County we provide emergency and non-emergency ambulance service in the Vernonia Ambulance Service Area. We also provide services in Clackamas and Eugene-Springfield, Oregon. Metro West Ambulance crews and vehicles are stationed in the Vernonia Fire Hall to provide 24-hour ALS coverage with two ambulances.